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2018/19 Fall/Winter Community Grant PSA

November 1, 2018

Press Release

The Rotary Club of Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte announces it Community Grant Program schedule for the fall/winter cycle.

The 2018 fall/winter community grant cycle deadline to apply is December 15, 2018. The community grant committee will begin their detailed selection process shortly thereafter. Selected nonprofit organizations will be announced in February 2019.

Learn about the Rotary’s grant program, included detailed guidelines such as application instructions and grant criteria here.

Remember, those requesting grants are not longer required to make a presentation at the Rotary Club but must make a formal written request to the community grant committee. This will allow all organizations that meet the Rotary’s community grant criteria an equal opportunity to request grant funds.

Rotary looks forward to providing continued support to nonprofit organizations as they work to make ad difference inner communities. Please remember, Rotary’s community grants are one of the many programs that are funded by the proceeds earned through Rotary’s Great Rubber Duckie Race!

2018 Rubber Duckie Race

The 2018 Rubber Duckie race was a huge success with some very intense and motivated ducks! 5,397 duckies raced down Coal Creek, helping to raise over $55,000 for local non-profits and kids! Thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen, and thanks to the CB Fire Department for helping get the water levels up to race standards (with 2,000 gallons of extra water).

Jackson’s Honest Presents to Rotary

Today we had the pleasure of learning about the story behind Jackson’s Honest,  a local chip company that’s taking the world by storm! Made for and name after their son Jackson, these chips are a healthy alternative to your typical potato, tortilla and even puff options found in most stores. Jackson’s Honest are become more and more prevalent around the country. Learn all about their story and products at www.jacksonshonest.com!