Summer 2018 Community Grant Application Process

The Rotary Club of Crested Butte / Mt. Crested Butte announced in 2016 a change to the format for its Community Grant Application process.  In the past, Community Grant applications were accepted on a rolling request basis.  Occasionally this prevented applications being granted towards the end of the cycle as funds were already allocated to prior applicants.

The Community Grant Application change involved the establishment of a semi-annual grant cycle with Applications made in writing to the Rotary Club.  Those requesting grants are no longer required to make a presentation at the Rotary Club but must make a formal written request to the Community Grant Committee.  The change will allow all organizations that meet the Rotary Community Grant criteria an equal opportunity to request grant funds.

The 2018 Spring/Summer Cycle deadline to apply for a Rotary Committee Grant is May 11th.  The Community Grant Committee will begin the selection process shortly thereafter.  Selected nonprofit organizations will receive their Rotary grants on July 11, 2018 at Rotary’s Business Meeting.

Learn more about Rotary’s Community Grant Program, including detailed guidelines such as application instructions, grant criteria and deadlines here.  Rotary looks forward to providing continued support to nonprofit organizations as they work to make a difference in our communities.  Please remember, Rotary’s Community Grants are one of many programs that are funded by the proceeds earned through Rotary’s Great Rubber Duckie Race.