Community Grant Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Rotary Club of Crested Butte / Mt Crested Butte Community Grants Program. Every year, the Rotary Club provides several grants to very deserving nonprofit service organizations and public schools in our communities.  Please review these application instructions carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


Application deadline to apply: stay tuned for 2024 date

Announcement of awarded grants: late July

Download Community Grant Application (application will be available soon)


The Rotary Club endeavors to give priority to charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and public schools in the north end of the Gunnison Valley, but grants are not limited to such organizations.
Emphasis must be placed on one of the following four categories:
– Education Programs
– Health & Human Services
– Youth Programs
– Arts/Culture

If a program, project , or service is valley-wide, Rotary will encourage the requesting organization to seek funding from the Rotary Club of Gunnison as well.

Project and/or service must address a local need, be available to the community as a whole and/or target a specific in-need segment of the community.

The higher the number of people served, the better.

The Rotary Club prefers to provide seed-money for new, unique and innovative projects and services or for the purchase of specific capital assets.

The Community Grants Committee applauds opportunities for matching grants although the Committee will not take responsibility for monitoring, tracking and auditing to assure grants are matched.

Organizations are encouraged to apply in the category that matches their primary mission statement or the primary purpose of their community service/project.

Organizations may only receive one grant during the Rotary Club’s fiscal year, September-August.

An Organization IS NOT REQUIRED TO PRESENT THEIR APPLICATION BEFORE THE ROTARY CLUB. Those requesting grants are no longer required to make a presentation at the Rotary Club but must make a formal written request to the Community Grant Committee.  This will allow all organizations that meet the Rotary Community Grant criteria an equal opportunity to request grant funds.

Recipients of Rotary Grants are required to announce, advertise, or otherwise publicly recognize Rotary as a donor.

A representative of the grant recipient must make a presentation at a Rotary meeting regarding the expenditure of grant funds they received and the results of the project upon completion of the project. Presentations need to occur no later than the application deadline for the next grant cycle.


In general, the Rotary Club does not grant funds to the following types of organizations or projects:

  • Religious activities or projects that serve, or appear to serve, the doctrine of a specific religious group or denomination. If a proposal submitted by a church-based or similar organization is intended to serve a broad segment of the population, as would a project of a comparable non-religious organization, the committee will consider the proposal on the same basis as proposals from other nonprofits
  • Political lobbying, political campaigns or legislative activities
  • Debt retirement or deficit financing
  • Operating Expenses
  • Individuals
  • Endowments
  • Development Funds or Foundations
  • Organizations that received a Rotary Foundation Grant the prior year
  • Multi-Year Requests


Download Community Grant Application (application will be available soon)

Please submit your grant application by email in PDF format to by the due date.


The Rotary Club Community Grants Committee will evaluate each proposal on, but not limited to:

  • Response to community issues
  • Financial and community need
  • Availability to the community as a whole or to a large in-need segment of the community
  • Ability to improve community members’ lives
  • Measurable results

Decisions not to fund particular applications are more likely to result from limited resources than to reflect upon the merits of the applicant or the worthiness of the proposal.

NOTE: Any information provided in the grant application may be used in Rotary press releases, reports, research or other published matters unless confidentiality is requested in writing.

For questions, contact us at:

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