July 10, 2024 Meeting: CB Housing Update

Erin Ganser, Housing Director for the Town of Crested Butte, joined us this morning to share housing projects the Town is working on as well as updates on the County’s Whetstone housing project. Erin explained that the Mineral Point development, currently under construction across from the Gas Cafe, will be rental units available low-income households. Low-income is defined as 60% or less of AMI (Area Median Income). The Town is also working on building 12-15 units in the form of duplexes and triplexes in the Paradise Park neighborhood which will be available to medium-income household (60%-120% of AMI).

Erin also shared the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority’s (GVRHA) Housing Needs Assessment, which can be accessed at gvrha.org/housing-needs-assessment. GVRHA is working hard to get the word out on the household and employee survey that is the focus of the second phase of the Housing Needs Assessment. The point of the survey is to add color to the secondary data analysis that was conducted in the first phase of the report and included analysis of census and bureau of labor and statistics data as well as a survey of local employers.  They’re looking to learn more about individuals’ housing experiences, needs, and challenges to help better target solutions that work for the valley.

Please take the survey and share it with neighbors, employers, friends, and other community members you know.