Feb 14, 2024 Meeting: CB Community School

This morning we had the pleasure of being joined by Sally Hensley, Ernie Kothe, Jennifer Read, and Leigh Paulsen from the Crested Butte Community School. Sally, CBCS’s elementary principal, and Ernie, the school’s secondary principal shared highlights of each school, including our ranking in the state (17th out of 363 schools!), a student-led Red Cross Club, and special programs like Ski and Skate for PE that help all kids access our community’s amazing recreational activities.

Secondary School Counselor Jennifer Read works closely with Rotary and students to administer our senior scholarships, Service Above Self Award, and youth exchange program. We’ve presented 42 scholarships to seniors in the last two years, and we have 3 outbound exchange students heading abroad in 2024! But, helping to administer our programs is just a part of the vast array of things Jennifer does for our students. She also leads Senior Seminar, helping seniors prep for the college or career path, including lessons on financial literacy. Her middle school program, Wheel, helps students heading into high school explore the many opportunities from tech studies to music and more so they’re well prepared for their next chapter. These are just a few of the many ways Jennifer helps guide our students into the future!

Leigh Paulsen also represents Rotary’s support of our community’s next generation, as the new Family Liaison, which is partially funded by Rotary grants. Leigh is providing more personal communication with families and the community at large, increasing the school’s presence on social media to help tell our stories, coordinating grade-level fundraising, and conducting needs assessments and sustainability efforts. It’s an exciting addition to the school’s staff that we’re looking forward to learning more about as Leigh moves forward with the position!

Finally, we learned about the expansion project, which will begin this summer. The expansion will provide better safety and security through more appropriate office locations, a new Career and Technical Education wing for the secondary school, upgrades to the playground and soccer field, and new Pre-K classrooms. Scheduled to be completed in 2025, this renovation is sure to be a huge asset to our community!