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Jackson’s Honest Presents to Rotary

Today we had the pleasure of learning about the story behind Jackson’s Honest,  a local chip company that’s taking the world by storm! Made for and name after their son Jackson, these chips are a healthy alternative to your typical potato, tortilla and even puff options found in most stores. Jackson’s Honest are become more and more prevalent around the country. Learn all about their story and products at!

2018/19 Board of Directors

Meet your Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte Rotary Club Board of Directors for the 2018/19 year!

President- Charlie Tomlinson
Treasurer- Gary Hartman
Secretary- Kay Gentry
Youth Exchange Chair- Dawn Howe
Membership Chair- Frank Stichter
Duck Chairs- Frank Stichter & Chelsea Stangl
Grants Chair- Richard Cole
Foundation Chair- Bud Bush
Programs Chair- Philip Reed
Scholarships Chair- Charlie Tomlinson

Duck Sorting Party!

The Crested Butte Rotary hosted their annual duck sorting party on Wednesday, May 16 at the Queen of All Saints Parish Hall. Thanks to everyone who came out for the potluck and duck sorting. It was a fun community event.

Who knew you could sort 6,000 ducks so fast?

2018/19 Out-Bound RYE Students

The Rotary is pleased to be assisting four talented young ladies head abroad this coming school year! From left to right above, Mattie will be heading to the Czech Republic, Avery will study in Thailand, Maisy will spend the year in Japan, and Annalise will be in Sweden. Our out-boule Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) students gave a presentation to the Crested Butte Rotarians this morning describing their host countries and sharing what they’re most excited and concerned about.  All four will take most, if not all, of their classes in their host country’s native language, and they’re learning the languages quickly. The Rotary’s annual Duckie Race provides the funding to help sponsor RYE students, and we are thankful to all of the volunteers and participants who help make this happen! Tickets for the 2018 Duckie Race will be available soon!

Good luck, Mattie, Avery, Maisy and Annalise! We look forward to hearing about your adventures throughout the coming year.

2017/18 RYE Students

Local Crested Butte students, Sarah Smith, Hope Freeman and Ally Howe are participating in the 2017/18 Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program. Sarah is spending the year in India, Hope is in France and Ally is in Italy. Please check back for updates on our girls’ adventures!

We are also hosting two foreign exchange students through the RYE program, Val Garcia from Spain and Mari Carillo from Italy. Both girls have been enjoying skiing, basketball, soccer and dancing while here.

2014/15 Community Support

During the 2014/15 fiscal year, the Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte Rotary Club was pleased to support the following non-profits:

  • Adaptive Sports Center
  • Crested Butte Arts Festival
  • Crested Butte Music Festival
  • Crested Butte Snowsports Foudnation
  • Living Journeys
  • Crested Butte Center for the Arts
  • Mountain Roots
  • Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL)
  • Safe Harbor Ranch
  • Six Points
  • The Trailhead Children’s Museum
  • West Elk Soccer Association

The CB Rotary Club also supported the CB Community School in the following ways:

  • CBCS Enrichment Program
  • 75 dictionaries given to the 3rd grade
  • $5,000 given to the 3rd grade iPad R=reading program
  • Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program
    • this program provides invaluable international life experiences for young people, their host families and the community
    • one student participated in 2015
  • $20,000 in college scholarships for CBCS students
    • 16 CB students participated
  • $4,850 given to the 2013 Engineering and Technology Department’s 3D printer and scanner
  • $1,000 given to a CBCS Junior through the Service Above Self program

To learn more about our community support program, click here!

Summer 2018 Community Grant Application Process

The Rotary Club of Crested Butte / Mt. Crested Butte announced in 2016 a change to the format for its Community Grant Application process.  In the past, Community Grant applications were accepted on a rolling request basis.  Occasionally this prevented applications being granted towards the end of the cycle as funds were already allocated to prior applicants.

The Community Grant Application change involved the establishment of a semi-annual grant cycle with Applications made in writing to the Rotary Club.  Those requesting grants are no longer required to make a presentation at the Rotary Club but must make a formal written request to the Community Grant Committee.  The change will allow all organizations that meet the Rotary Community Grant criteria an equal opportunity to request grant funds.

The 2018 Spring/Summer Cycle deadline to apply for a Rotary Committee Grant is May 11th.  The Community Grant Committee will begin the selection process shortly thereafter.  Selected nonprofit organizations will receive their Rotary grants on July 11, 2018 at Rotary’s Business Meeting.

Learn more about Rotary’s Community Grant Program, including detailed guidelines such as application instructions, grant criteria and deadlines here.  Rotary looks forward to providing continued support to nonprofit organizations as they work to make a difference in our communities.  Please remember, Rotary’s Community Grants are one of many programs that are funded by the proceeds earned through Rotary’s Great Rubber Duckie Race.


2013 Annual Dictionary Hand Out to CBCS 3rd Graders

November 20, 2013: Members of the Rotary Club of Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte are seen here giving dictionaries to the Crested Butte Community School third grade class.  This is one of our annual traditions and this year we enjoyed the opportunity to hand out more books than ever before.

Dictionaries-13-7 Dictionaries-13-6 Dictionaries-13-5 Dictionaries-13-4 Dictionaries-13-3 Dictionaries-13-2

Dictionaries 2013
Rotary members handing out dictionaries to the CBCS 3rd grade